A Brief Intro to Design Systems

This e-book is for everyone who never heard of Design Systems or for them who want to improve their design process and collaboration inside their team.

Designers, Developers, UX practitioners, Product Owners, Marketers, Copywriter, anyone is welcome to read.

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Intro to Design Systems

A selection of Google Fonts

For your next WEB or PRINT project, find here a nice selection of Google Fonts.

Each of them with a tiny type specimen to get a good impression of the style and feeling of the typeface. Take time to get a closer look to every character and find the font for your next project. Enjoy ;)

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A selection of Google Font

The Basics of Typography

Learn the fundamentals of good typography and invite readers into your content.

“Typography must invite the reader into text, reveal the tenor and meaning of the text, clarify its structure and order and link the text with other existing elements.” Robert Bringhurst

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Basics of Typography