Universal Design System Starter Kit

Kickstart your next Design System project
with a solid foundation.

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Universal Design System Starter Kit - Core

Build your own Design System and stay in control

Do you really need a finish solutions with more than 100+ predefined component that doesn't fit your solution? Just start with a solid foundation following some basic design principles and start your journey to your dedicated Design System.

Start your own Design System

Build your own Design System

CORE doesn't only help you create consistent and outstanding digital products but help you understand and build a solid foundation. This will give you more control over your designs and optimize your collaboration inside your team to build a tailored experience.

What exactly is a Design System?

A Design System unites product teams around a common visual language. It acts as a living system of guidelines and a source of truth, including rules about how to use, design and code design assets.
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“A design system offers a library of visual style, components, and other concerns documented and released by an individual, team or community as code and design tools so that adopting products can be more efficient and cohesive.” Nathan Curtis

Meet Core

Core is an universal Starter Kit made to kickstart your next Design System. Using an agnostic approach, it provides you all the fundamental elements along with helpful guidelines. All you need to build your very unique Design System.


Not everything for everyone, just the building blocks you need for your product.


Small, scalable, and simple to implement.

Understand the basics

By knowing the basic behind good design like color and typography theory, you will improve the user experience.

Collaborate better

By using FIGMA, you invite all your team to collaborate on the same project.

Save time

It will save you and your team countless production hours, and help speed up your UI design process.

What you will find inside


Stay on track and be sure to follow every major step before starting your Design System.


Find all guidelines you need to understand how to use the file and build your Design System.


Set the foundations for your visual identity. Design principles, logos, typefaces & colors.

Atomic Design

Start with smallest and fundamental building block and work up from there.

Live preview

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Why Figma?

In short, it is free, made for collaboration and platform agnostic. You don’t need any other tools to share your designs or create a prototype. One tool, one place. Anyone can easily start to use it and contribute to your project.

Any Feedback?

Core is always in development and you may want to improve it.

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More about Design Systems


Free E-Book

Read this free e-book about Design Systems. It’s written for anyone who has no or very little knowledge of Design Systems and wants to integrate this methodology into their design process.

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