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Kickstart your next Design System project with a solid foundation.

It’s about teamwork

As teams grow and products scale, design and code become more difficult to maintain and processes become more challenging to manage. If you don’t have a standardized workflow, updating and building new pages can be very time consuming and collaboration becomes tedious.

To solve this problem you need to consolidate rules, assets, and workflows between team members. You need a clear, solid and centralized documentation accessible by anyone.

You need a Design System.


CORE is an universal Starter Kit made to kickstart your next Design System. Using an agnostic approach, it provides you all the fundamental guidelines with no unnecessary predefined components, just a solid foundation for a successful start.


Set your foundations for your visual identity. Design Principles, logos, typography and colors. All the elements that will reflect your brand.


This is where your interface should start to take shape. Starting from the smallest elements until you create bigger units (following the Atomic Design methodology by Brad Frost).


Qualitative content is at the heart of any product. This will be the place for you to create all necessary content guidelines.


Here you can have a little taste of your type and color choices. The preview should not be used to create your screen designs, it is intended to just give you a general taste.

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